This is pianissimo!

The Heidelberg piano school for all kinds of people, offering piano tuition for classical music, popular music and jazz.

Pianissimo is for those who have already reached a certain level and who now want to improve their skills and their knowledge,
and for those who are unexperienced but now want to enter the world of music on the piano.

We have no age limit, – even beginners are at all ages.

piano á la carte …

You will not be committed to any kind of contract! The pianissimo students always pay at the beginning of a month, and may stop the class whenever they want.
The charge is 29 Euros for 45 minutes. – For every two weeks the charge ist 31 Euros.

Pianissimo is located in the old town of Heidelberg.

There will be no language problems in our piano tuition! The teacher – author of these lines – has a good command of English!